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Illustrator/ Storyteller

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Back from an Amazing Internship:

This is a bit delayed but… Im back!  
In just 8 short weeks, I can say I’ve worked on digital sculpting, traditional sculpting, in-shop construction and concept sketches. These projects were for clients such as Disney, Universal Studios, Tomy-Pokemon, Mattel and more. These next months, I will decide if this is a job I would like to continue after my last semester here in the fall.

It was everything I could have hoped for.—- Overall, I would say this was the best internship I could have possibly had.

I got a job!

I never thought I would be finishing college with a job already, let alone one as amazing as this place. So many people have told me that traditional sculpting is a dying profession and that I should try something else but here it is!- I got a job working with animatronics, installations and toys and the reason they wanted me? Because i know how to make molds and work traditionally.
I’m never going to let anyone tell me when to give up. Never again :)

Completed my storyboard art for  my “Hide & Seek” story